What to take with you to France

What to put in a suitcase for vacation in France? What exactly will come in handy and what you do not need to take? What will help save precious time? What to wear in summer, autumn, winter and spring? Read the answers in our article.

Before planning your baggage, we highly recommend reading our article "What can not be imported to France". It is possible that some objects from the suitcase are prohibited.

Cash – Small Covers

If you plan to use cash in cash on a trip, then reserve small bills of 50 euros and a smaller nominal.

The French prefer to pay cards, major euro bills are rare here. In stores they are often not accepted, because there is no delivery or equipment for authentication. A bill of 500 euros will have to be swapped or in a bank, or in a large supermarket. And who wants to spend at this time?

Currencies 500 and 200 euros in France almost never care for. Bills of 100 euros are taken, but not everywhere. Better in advance in Russia in the bank to ask to exchange a large bill. Or buy euros in the bastings in Russia in small parties – 90-95 euros.

How much money will be needed in France, read our review "how much money to take to France".

Copies of documents

It is useful to make copies of documents and store them separately from the originals, such as the originals to carry with you, but to store copies in baggage. Make copies: foreign and our passport, driver’s license, insurance. In case of loss or theft of the original documents, copies will be very useful.

Aid kit

France does not need to take some special drugs or make additional vaccinations. The composition of the aid kit is normal: antiseptics, anti-allergenic, painkillers, processing tools wounds.

Be sure to take the most familiar drugs for the normalization of the work of the stomach and intestines, because French cuisine for the our stomach may be unusual.

Consider that in France it will be very difficult to buy medicines, since the names of the drugs differ. Many medicines that sell us to everyone, in France you can only buy a prescription.

It is better to be renewed here and take all the medicines that can come in handy. "His" drugs everyone knows himself, here we can not give advice.

We highly recommend to take antiseptic napkins. They will be useful if they decided to eat in Street Fud or a store with a store cooking, or if you doubt the purity of cutlery in a cafe.

Useful technical means and phrasebooks

If you do not know foreign languages, please reserve the application that can translate and voice phrases, recognize and translate the inscriptions.

If you own English, it partially solves the problem of communication. Many French speak English, but the English does not frankly love. You will call a lot of approving smiles, if at least with a phrasebook you will talk phrases in french.

Much time will save GPS navigator. Without him in the interlacing of narrow streets of Paris will be difficult to navigate. Or using the navigator you can quickly find the path to the nearest station of the Paris Metro. For drivers, the navigator is almost indispensable.

If you drive to Cote d’Azur

Take your beach towel. The vast majority of the beaches of the Cote d’Azur. Rent of chaise lounges, umbrellas, towels paid separately. With your towel at least a little, but save.

Summer sun on the azure shore is not so hot, as in Egypt, Tunisia or Turkey. Take with you the means from sunburn, but weak. SPF 10-20 is quite enough.

Shoes and clothing

If you are going on sightseeing excursions, then a comfortable and well-divent shoe is required. Walking in France has a lot, for example, in Louvre, Versailles, Montmartre or by the Champs Elysa.

To visit religious objects take with you a set of modest clothes. Shoulders and knees should be closed, clothes should not be tight, no neckline. Men should remove the headdress when entering the temple, women should cover their heads.

For women, it is highly recommended to take a light scarf. First, it will be useful in the temples. Secondly, in summer you can cover your shoulders if we burn, and in cold weather you can warm, if you feel that you freeze. Scarf – item multifunctional and very useful.

If you are going to dine in an expensive restaurant, you take a set of weekend. Many fashionable institutions have a dress code. Men do not necessarily take a tuxedo, a set of trousers and a white shirt quite suitable. Women will be able to do with a light weekend. However, there are institutions with a very stringent dress code, but it is rare.

The climate in France is much softer than in the central lane of Russia, rather the weather here more resembles Krasnodar or Rostov.

In the autumn and in the spring, take the clothes in which we go to Russia.

In winter, dress easier than in Russia, since there are no colds in France. Even negative temperatures here happen only a few times in winter. Snow in Paris drops from 3 to 10 times in winter (statistics 2001-2015).

What to take with you to France

In the summer in Paris 20-25 degrees. For the trip perfectly suitable, the summer clothes that we carry in Russia.

If smoking

In France, very expensive tobacco and cigarettes. If you want to save, then take the maximum stock with you. In detail, we talked about this in the article "Smoking and Cigarettes in France".

I will recommend to take a pocket ashtray with you. The penalty for scattering garbage – 68 euros, and fine very actively, for 2017 the police fined 21,000 people only in Paris.

What else

– To wear a passport and money recommend to take a small thin bag that is worn under clothes. So protect yourself from pickpockets, which in Paris is enough. About other hazards, read in our article "What is impossible in France";

– Often in the hotel rooms only 2-3 sockets. And tourists want to charge the tablet, two smartphones, the camera and other devices. The sockets are not enough, so we advise you to take a tee or a small extension cable for several outlets;

– Supply voltage in France – 240 volts, outlet format – Type C (Euro Plug). Adapters will not be needed;

– For lovers of tea and coffee, we will advise you to take a small boiler. Hardly the hotel will be a kettle. The small boiler is now worth about 100 rubles, weighs about 100 grams. So you can enjoy tea and coffee in the room at any time;

РIf you want to be in touch and not overpay, it is often convenient to buy a French SIM card or a special tourist SIM card. For it is better to take a spare smartphone. Read the details in our articles "How to call from France D̦szhevo" and "Internet in France Deshevo";

– If you plan to use a bank card, do not forget to warn your bank about the trip. If you do not, then at the first attempt to pay off card from the Bank of France may suspect fraud. The map will be blocked, and you have to call to Russia and prove that you are you and use the card abroad. The situation is not pleasant;

– Many gifts from France fragile. For example, bottles with wine, brandy or olive oil can crash. Souvenir key rings or magnets can break. It is better to think in advance how to secure it all in the suitcase on the way back. Most tourists just launch fragile things from all sides of clothing. But you might think about taking a pupil film or foam rubber;

– In France, about 600 millimeters of precipitation falls in France. It is about the same as in Central Russia. Rains happen, but hardly spoil rest. Just in case, take a small folding umbrella or raincoat;

– Binoculars can come in handy on some attractions, if you want to consider decor. For example, famous Gorguli Notre Dame de Panya without binoculars do not see;

– Tickets for some sights are best bought in advance via the Internet. Otherwise you can "get stuck" in queues. Vivid examples – the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. Do not forget to take the print out e-tickets.

Have a nice holiday in France, and read our helpful tour and informative articles about the French and their country (List of articles below).

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