What to take with you to Greece

Greece has always attracted many tourists. Among the ours recently there are many wishing to visit the Balkan country. And the first problem facing a wanderer, traveling around the world, are charges of things on the road. So that this occupation did not lead you as a result of a grave suitcase, in this article we will introduce you to the list of the most necessary things that will help turn a journey to Greece into unforgettable and wonderful moments of life.

Delive to the list of necessary things not as a mandatory and unshakable, because the composition of the suitcase depends on the purpose of visiting the country: rest on the beach, mountain or water tourism, acquaintance with attractions, hiking trips. So, let’s start, remember that the baggage should not exceed 20 kg.

Suitcase and manual sting

Suitcase for things better to buy on wheels and with lock. Put the tight package there: if something happens on the road an unexpected, then a suitcase can be placed in the package and hold out for some time. Keys from a suitcase Put in a safe place, and spare – to your manual sting. Acute objects (knife, scissors, files) and capacity more than 50 ml put in a suitcase.

In addition to the suitcase, capture and handbag. It must be compactable so that it includes essential things: hygiene products, telephone, medicine, water bottle, and t.D., if you drive with a child, then everything you need for him in the way. For hand baggage, a large bag will fit (it is always in fashion) or a backpack. Choose according to your style.

We start fees from documents

For documents, prepare a separate folder, recheck them several times.

A few weeks before departure Check the validity of your documents: they must be valid for three months after your return date from the trip. Suddenly you have to stay in the country, then the overdue documents will entail a lot of difficulties and running on instances.

Make copies of all documents that take with you. In case of loss of originals, copies oh how come. If you do not own languages: English or Greek, download the program online translator. She will facilitate your communication with the inhabitants of Eldla.

We advise you to arrange a currency card, and will less worry about cash and their safety while traveling. Follow and small bills: they will use for travel to taxi, tickets to public transport and T.NS.

Standard Drug Set on the Road

Hurt on the way and during rest – trouble from trouble. A set of drugs that get rid of, albeit temporarily, from pain, should be. Of course, there are pharmacies in Greece, but the prices of them are high, and there is no confidence that our body will normally perceive foreign medicine. It is better to capture your own, native.

The tourist aid kit must be: leucoplasty, iodine or green, means from intestinal disorder, from abdominal pain, from heartburn, from headache, normalizing pressure, antipyretic, hearty drugs, antihina means, from branding, from burns, especially solar.

Tourist Medical Insurance does not cover solar burns. Do not abuse the hospitable Greek Sun in the first days of stay in the country. Cream Create For Adult Minimum SPF 20, For Children – SPF 50. Allergies should not forget about their "rescue" tablets. If you go on the road with a child, the amount of drugs will double. Here you yourself should think about to capture with you.

Minimum of cosmetics

Immediately we will discuss that the cosmetic bag should not be more suitcase. Take the most. Shampoo and soap are in the hotel room, you can buy these means and in the store on the spot. Capture hair balm because water in Greece is hard and the shock hair will actually turn into a sap. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Manicure Scissors, Wipening. Mosquitoes do not know and do not adhere to borders, so capture with you and means to not meet with them. Decorative cosmetics do not abuse. Natural beauty and easy correction makeup will be quite appropriate on the beach or during evening walk.

Upon hand should always be antiseptic napkins or special sprays. Microbes "Natives" should get acquainted with "foreigners", so, at least in the first days, handle all the items to which you and your children. But without fanaticism, tolerant and cultural. Do not humiliate the local residents of their "super-profits".

Wardrobe tourist

For hiking on the beaches, grab the swimsuit, tunic, rubber slippers for swimming (Sea hedgehog near the coast of the Aegean Sea is not uncommon), headdress. For visits to sightseeing, shoes without heels with closed fingers. Since in Greece in the cities of the streets paved by a cobblestone, it will be difficult to move on them in shoes or heels. Take the shoes dressed in order not to wipe off the pain of several precious days in the new shoe.

From the clothes, take everything to a minimum: shorts, jeans, shirt and t-shirt. If you plan evening exits or promenade in the city, then put in the suitcase and clothing for such a case. Not unnecessary will be warm sweatshirt and pants.

Pay attention to the fact that when visiting the monasteries and churches you need to be dressed in closed clothes: do not collapse legs, hands, chest. Women should take with them and a scarf or scarf for visits to such institutions. And you can buy this attribute in local stores: Align the gift and dress code element.

The following Council concerns smokers. If you did not get rid of a detrimental habit before leave, we recommend taking cigarettes to Greece. In the country, this product is expensive. And can make a breather light and forget about smoking while traveling?

What to take with you to Greece

Food and Drinks

Of course, it is impossible to accommodate 20 kg to the allowable 20 kg and do not need. Prices for drinks in Eldead within allowable. In supermarkets, shops, large and small, in kiosks without problems can be Buy alcohol. If you are more than 17 years old, then alcoholic beverages will be sold. Beer, wine and vodka, different quality and cost, on the shelves in Greece stores are presented in assortment. So to spend a romantic dinner with a glass of wine or to taste local drinks can be without problems. If your body does not perceive the "alien" alcohol, and accustomed to domestic, then buy a drink in the Duty-Free airport.

About other things on vacation

Among other items that are packaged before departure, let’s call those places for which you should find in a dense suitcase.

– Boiler to pamper yourself tea or coffee in the hotel room at the request of the body, because the kettles in the rooms are not always.

– Charging for the technique that take with you: laptop, phone, camera, camcorder and t. D.

– Adapter for Greek sockets is not needed, they are the same as in their homeland.

– What else may need is a driver’s license and law of the international sample, the driver certificate for deep-water dives.

– Do not forget the recipe or certificate from the doctor if you carry the preparations containing barbiturates. It is better to clarify in advance what medicines are allowed for the importation of Greece.

– You will come in handy in the way the ballpoint pen when filled with documents at customs.

– And still – take a place in the suitcase for souvenirs who will carry from Greece. Think about how to pack them correctly not to damage. Maybe you purchase a small sacquohr or film with pimples, foam.

About the number of money for stay in Greece, read in our special article on the cost of this country.

What to take with you to Greece

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