What to take with you to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not shocking by its customs asia, and it is quite possible to approach the collection on the trip "Sleeves. Do not forget only money, documents and your loved ones, the rest can be bought in Czech supermarkets and in the markets. Chekhov’s mentality is close and clear to the ours. Going on a journey to the Czech Republic, take the usual set of things to travel to the European country.

Suitcase or backpack?

How to take everything you need, but so that the suitcase is not heavy and did not darken the journey? When traveling to the Czech Republic, this is possible. We advise you to try to fit everything you need in a backpack convenient size, even if you have to sacrifice some things and buy them on site.

The Czech Climate will not surprise by frosts in winter (below -17 the bit of the thermometer does not ignore) and in the summer (up to +30 the thermometer rarely comes). Departing at one time or another, take the whole seasonal wardrobe clearly not worth.

If you go to watch medieval castles and cathedrals, then a set of fitness fit just fit into a backpack. Take: first-aid kit, two or three sets of comfortable clothes for hiking on sights, spare steame of comfortable shoes, a set of front-clothes for a restaurant.

If you go to the ski resort, we recommend to take minimum equipment. Everything you need can be leased on the spot, rental prices in Chekhov are lower than in Austria or Switzerland.

We begin the fees – a set of documents

We recommend to make copies of our and foreign passports in advance, in case of theft, these copies will greatly facilitate life. Of the documents, do not forget to take with you: passport, driver’s license, printout of electronic air ticket, tourist insurance, voucher for accommodation in the hotel and childbirth certificate, if you drive without a spouse / spouse.

If you are going to use a bank card on a trip, take care of the availability of money on the account. From year to year, banks are becoming increasingly suspicious to international operations, increasingly occurring cases of blocking the map when a tourist attempts it to use abroad. Just in case, we recommend notifying your bank about the upcoming trip.

To visit the attractions conveniently print paths of routes in them from Prague metro stations, bus timetables and train. Use Google Services.Maps and Yandex.Cards.

Hand baggage content

Since the aircraft to the Czech Republic to fly for a long time (2.5-3.5 hours from the cities of the European part of Russia), it makes no sense to take a lot of things with him. Break before flying, take a cookie or other snack, water or juice. You can suffer hunger if you have no stomach problems, or you are driving without children.

Children, too, you can capture a light snack – fruit puree or baby cookies, so that gastrointestinal problems do not occur in transport. Be sure to take with you wet antiseptic napkins and a first-aid kit. Talk about it in more detail.

Road aid kit

The composition of the aid kits for recreation in the Czech Republic Standard. Capture painters, antipyretic, antiallergic, antiemetic drugs. If you are going with children, then take children’s medicines in the form of syrups.

Do not forget dressings, plasters from corns, disinfection, means from mosquito bites. If you suffer from chronic diseases, do not forget drugs in case of aggravation.

Since Czech cuisine is fatty, calorie, salty, using sharp seasonings, then we recommend stocking drugs to improve digestion. There is an option cheaper: do not abuse national Czech dishes.

Not excessive and sunburn cream. If you arrive in the country in summer or go skiing, then a close meeting with the sun can not be avoided. Of course, among the houses in large cities, you are unlikely to burn, but, for example, in the Czech paradise reserve, you can burn the skin by sunlight, wandering on the vertices of the rocks or at the crystal lake. You can learn all the "charms" of the Sun and during dating with the landscape of the Lednice-Waltice or with the National Park of Shumava.

Collection of aid kit – this is exactly the case when rushing does not cost and it is important not to forget. Take all the drugs that are used even occasionally, the benefit of many places they do not occupy. Buy medicines in the Czech Republic will be very difficult. First, it is difficult to explain to the pharmacy that it is necessary, because the names of drugs in our countries differ. Secondly, many drugs that in Russia are sold without a recipe, in the Czech Republic will give only recipe.

Minimum wardrobe – maximum amenities

If you want to see the natural and architectural beauty of the Czech Republic, then there will have to go a lot. It is important to think over clothes and shoes, they must be comfortable and light. Take the shoes that have already been smaller than corn from new shoes not "reminded" about yourself during a walk. Polkilometer Karlova Bridge, all the interesting places of Prague Country and Visegrad or picturesque streets of Prague can not be overcome without comfortable shoes. About heels fashion suites have to forget.

Pack in your suitcase a set of warm clothes for evening walks, for a river boat walk through the underground River Ploka, for Ferrusing the Moravian Carts or Fascinating Excursion to the Absub.

Think out clothes for visiting the cathedrals and castles supporting the sky of the Czech Republic with their spiers. Women should capture scarf or handkerchief, men – standard length pants. Even if the dress code does not need to enter the temple, this clothing will come in handy for evening visits to a restaurant or cafe.

Mama with young children We advise you to take a carriage-cane. If you hope to do "Kangaroo", then they are cut off her back on flour, although "his own burner does not pull," but the forces takes, that’s certain. Not excessive umbrella and sunglasses, swimsuit and towel. Although, in Czech stores, sales often pass, so you can buy all this on them.

What to take from products to the Czech Republic?

It makes no sense in this, almost all foods familiar to us can be bought in Czech supermarkets. The photo below Czech sausage in the Prague supermarket (prices are per 100 grams of the product), it is not much different from our, click on the photo to increase.

Even during a trip with young children, it is worth a meal for them only at the time of staying in the way and stay to the hotel. Everything you need for your child will find in Czech cities without problems.

How are things with cigarettes?

What to take with you to the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic smoke a lot, the country ranks 11th in the world in the consumption of cigarettes per capita (figure from the 2014 study). Shopping points with cigarettes in Czech cities are literally every one hundred meters.

The same Prague sells a wide variety of all sorts of brands of cigarettes. Their cost varies from 3.5 to 6 dollars. The most expensive – Malborough, who prefers most of the Chekhov. According to our standards, such prices are very high, take a tobacco with you. To the country to one person is allowed no more than 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 250 g of tobacco. Read the details in our review "Cigarettes in the Czech Republic".

Is it worth carrying alcoholic beverages?

Why take alcohol in the Czech Republic, if the country "buries" in beer, and traditional Czech tinctures can be bought in any supermarket or treat them in cafes, pubs and restaurants? The answer is obvious – there is no need!

Is that you prefer one brand of alcohol and do not want her to "change". You can enter the Czech Republic only 1 liter of a strong drink and up to 2 liters of wine. Read the details in our review "Alcohol in the Czech Republic".

What to take money and how much?

Better to take euro that is easiest to change on Czech crowns. Read our reviews "Exchange of money in the Czech Republic" and "What money in the Czech Republic". In addition, the euro is taken in most shops and restaurants.

About how much money will need to rest, we will not talk now. On this topic, we have a separate detailed article "How much money to take in the Czech Republic".

Little things, the absence of which will be a problem on vacation

– Remember, the less "stars" at the hotel, the less chances to see in the room hairdryer or iron. Perfectly if these miniature hiking things will be in your suitcase still at home.

– Chargers and spare batteries for the technique that you carry with you to the Czech Republic should be packed necessarily. Of course, in the country you can buy all these items, but why spend money on what you already have.

– Adapters for outlets do not need. Type C (Europlug) sockets are used here.

– Think out what the souvenirs from the Czech Republic are lucky to deliver them safely and in safety. If they aimed at Bohemian glass or porcelain, we recommend taking a pupil film with you, to buy it in the Czech Republic will be problematic.

We wish a lightweight and comfortable journey through the Czech Republic, and read our useful articles about this country (Links below).

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