What to take with you to the dominican tourist

The composition of the suitcase for rest in Dominican Republic has its own characteristics. Reasons for: long flight, tropical climate of countries other than our power supply system. Consider all these aspects in order and definable that it is necessary to take on holidays in Dominican.

Something that entertained during the flight

Flying in Dominican Republic Long, from Moscow to fly more than 12 hours. Test is not easy. There is no point in the porthole, most of the flight passes over the ocean, in detail in our article "How much to fly to the Dominican Republic". Think in advance what you will do these 12 hours?

The most popular solution is entertainment on smartphones and tablet computers. Check in advance game, music, movies.

Consider that the modern smartphone or tablet will not stand 12 hours of intensive work from its battery. Buy yourself an external rechargeable battery.

Now they cost cheap. For example, the BURO RA-11000 battery (on the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge) you can buy for 1000 rubles. Its container is 11,000 mAh, which is enough for 5 charging of the modern iPhone. Device weight – 290 grams.

Probably when you read this article, the model range will change, there will be new batteries models even cheaper, even greater capacity, even less weighing.

Capture drinks to the plane so that in the thirst it does not run to the stewardess behind a glass of water or a cup of coffee. It will be useful to take a snack on the plane, dinners in airplanes are clearly not called.

Do not forget the main thing! Everything that is useful in the plane must be taken into manual sting, and not to pass into baggage. Each flight tourist has been tensile, which has passed his tablet to the luggage, and now suffers idleness.

Adapter and battery

In the Dominican Republic use other outlets, and the voltage in the network is 110 volts, and not 240, as in Russia. First problem: how to include our devices in their outlets. You need to make sure that the device is designed to work on the 110V network, and use the adapter that we recommend taking. Details in our article "Electrical outlets in Dominican Republic".

However, adapters give in hotels to the receptionist or for free, or for a modest key. But have your always more reliable. An example of an adapter in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

To charge phones and tablets it is better not to use the adapter, but all the same battery. That is, the battery is charged from the Dominican network 110V, and the gadgets are charged from their battery.

First, so more reliable. Electrical networks in Dominican Republic are not very good, voltage jumps are possible. With the case of charging through the battery you risk only the battery for 1000 rubles. Your smartphone for 20 000 rubles remains safe.

Secondly, so charging goes faster. Our conventional charging is working on the 110V network, but give a smaller energy into the phone, the phone charges slower. Charging via battery charging will pass fast.

Sun protection products

Dominican Republic is a sunny country, and the sun can be covered to tourists. Especially to ours who are not spoiled by sunlight. Especially relevant the problem in winter, when tourists fall abruptly from cold Russia with gray sky in the sunny dominican.

First – take a headdress with you. At least a cap, but better hat with long fields that will protect not only the head, but also shoulders from sunburn.

Second – take cream from sunburn. For adults we advise SPF 30, for children SPF 50 or higher. The first days to face them must necessarily, while the skin gets used to the abundance of the sun.

Third – try to be in motion so that the sun rays fell on different areas of the skin, there was no long-term exposure to one section. Principle: "The more turn around, the less burn".


In an unfamiliar country of tourists are waiting for new food, new plants, new bacteria.

Take medications for the normalization of digestive, caribbean cuisine can present surprises.

Take a remedy for allergies, any local plant can be an allergen that you did not know about.

Take disinfectants. In another country, there may be bacteria from which there is no immunity.

The rest of the form kit define themselves. You know what medicines help and from what.

Separate recommendation – Take the stock of antiseptic napkins. In the first days, wipe the dishes and cutlery. If you look closely, notice that the majority of European tourists do. They are reasonable people, follow their example.

Clothes and shoes

For everyday use, we recommend the clothes of light colors, as light reflects the sun’s rays, and their black absorbs them. Clothes Better to take from natural "breathable" materials – flax or cotton.

What to take with you to the dominican tourist

If you are going to excursions, you take a convenient and already detached shoes. There is nothing worse to graze leg in the middle of walk. Take the shoes closed, there are many insects in the Dominican Republic. For the same reason on excursions, we recommend wearing trousers, not shorts or skirts.

If you go out for the territory of the hotel, you dress clothes with internal pockets. These internal pockets put documents and money. Theft in Dominican Republic – Phenomenon Frequent.

Means from insects

Dominican can boast rich tropical flora and fauna. But not always the meeting with them is convenient for tourists. As stated in the saying: "Your unity with nature is profitable more than all mosquitoes". Take with me cream from insects. In the room we recommend using an electric fumigator.

Dictionary or translator on smartphone

It is very surprising, but the Dominicans know very badly foreign languages. It would seem that 2 million tourists from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries come to the country per year, they should learn English at least at the basic level!

Not. If the hotel’s staff and sellers in stores can still link a couple of phrases in English, then the remaining residents of the country can not understand a word in English in English. About our we are generally silent.

Conclusions, take with you the our-Spanish Phrasebook or Dictionary. There is a solution even better – download the translator on the smartphone, which can help phrases in Spanish and translate sound from the microphone. Such programs are looking for in the App Store and Android Market. Make sure the application works normally offline (without internet access).

Documents and money

Make copies in advance. In case of loss of originals, copies oh, how to use.

Take money in cash dollars, they are easiest to change to Dominican Peso. Read our article "What Money in Dominican Republic". The amount depends on your vacation needs. Read about this, our review "How much money to take in the Dominican Republic".

Pay guides for excursions and in souvenir shops you can in dollars. Probably not even change money.

If smoking

Smokers makes sense to take from the house of the cigarette. First, so cheaper. Secondly, nice smoking the usual tobacco. Read details in our article "Cigarettes in Dominican Republic".

Have a good rest at the Dominican Resorts, and read our useful and interesting articles about this country (Links below).

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